Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

My friend Kym always has a great perspective and I had the opportunity to chat with her a bit this morning.

 I explained to her that I was having coffee this morning only because I had bought a new teapot and needed to justify that purchase. I went on to explain that I only bought the teapot because I liked the way it looked. I genuinely felt a little guilty for buying it but somehow, Kym effortlessly managed to sway my opinion. She removed any negative feelings about my frivolous, impulse purchase- suggesting that to deny myself this teapot would be to deny my inner creative. She probably didn't even realize she said it.

 I imagine that while we were chatting she was designing something perfect in her NYC loft, sipping a cappuccino with a flawless foam-art rendering of whatever hip idea she was kicking around in her head. She's got this personal brand of chic-and-wise shit-togetherness that reminds me it's ok to just be myself with no need for explanation.

To anyone. Ever.

 Thanks, Kym.

 Here's today's cool Sunday morning coffee jam: